The Annual Day  of  Pre-primary and Primary Sections was held on 6th February, 2010. The children of Nursery sections presented a musical on the theme “Flowers”. Each child participated in the show depicting various flowers and other characters of flora and fauna. Their theme was related to the “spring” and gave the audience a great message of “happiness in harmony”



The K.G children presented a musical play “Chanda mama door ke...”. The theme itself was self explanatory  that in today’s  techno savvy  world children are so engrossed in their life and  hardly have any time left to watch the moon, share their happy moments or sad events with “chanda mama” as they used to do in the 19th century. Today a child hardly gets time to play outdoors, listen to stories from their grandparents. In today’s world everyone is in a rat race of possessing more, the children are there by compromising on expensive techno savvy toys, mobiles T.V and video games.




MrsArshiya Sethi” an eminent media personality was invited as our chief guest for the function .She talked to parents with some valuable suggestion on parenting and focused on an over all development of their wards



Almost all the parents were there .Their enthusiasm and joy could be seen when they watched their little ones on stage .They gave a loud round of applause. On the whole the event was a great success



                                                                        Madhu Bijlani

                                                                (Pre-Primary Incharge)