Guidelines For Parents

The School strongly believes that the all round and wholistic development of the child can be achieved only with a strong bond and consistent partnership with the parents and the school. Parents are therefore requested to keep the following in mind:

  • Punctuality must at all costs be adhered to mand every student should reach the school by 7.55 A M invariably. The school gates open at 7.45 AM only and therefore reaching the school earlier than the stipulated time is not recommended in the interest of the child’s safety.
  • Parents must grace invariably all parent- teachers meetings normally held on the third Saturdays of every Month between 8.30 AM and 10.30 AM or as per schedule which might be intimated in advance.
  • Such meetings are mainly intended to discuss and analyse your child’s academic and overall performance in the School. These interactions while giving a platform for the parents and teachers to have better personal understanding, will help the teachers to study the background of the child viz-a-viz his/ her strengths and weaknesses so that wherever and whenever special focuses are needed, such attention could be accorded to each student.
  • In case of urgency, the parents can also meet any teacher with prior appointment, during zero periods on regular days.
  • Check the school diary and the school website regularly, to keep informed of the circulars and notices issued from time to time.
  • Change of address or telephone numbers should be immediately intimated to the school to keep the records updated. This will also ensure that you receive important informations sent by the school from time to time through SMSs etc.
  • In case of any school related problems, you are welcome to discuss the same with the Principal with prior appointments. You can also record your suggestions in the suggestion register kept at the reception or discuss it at the Parents Teachers meetings. 
  • Ensure that your children always behaves courteous and polite in conduct and speech and refrain form rumour mongering and use of abusive language.
  • Please ensure that your child always appears well dressed, neat and clean, in properly ironed school uniforms of prescribed standard sported by well polished shoes and properly groomed nails and hair.
  • While setting out, always make sure that your wards carry their tiffin, nutritious as is expected of.
  • Please ensure punctuality and regularity in attendance of your wards. If your child is commuting by a school bus, please advise that he/she takes the same bus every day both sides as the school does not allow students to board a different bus or use a different means of transport in the afternoon, say, to pay a wayward visit to a friend’s home or so. In case of an emergency, prior permission must be taken from the school authorities. Kindly check their phones (If any), school bags and belongings regularly at home to monitor the contents and signs.
  • The School further emphasise that in these days of advanced technologies with latest gadgetries and  contrivances, it’s in the interest of your wards to keep a healthy check on all their activities, comraderies etc.
  • Parents while checking the bags of the child may please ensure that they bring to school only what is required for the day. Do not send any thing during the day to the reception, it will not be allowed. No cash is normally to be carried to the School by a child. However in case of eventuality such transactions should be monitored by the parents at their risk.  
  • Students can call up their parents form the reception, only in exigency after prior permission of the class teacher. Interrupting students from the classes to attend to telephone calls is strictly prohibited. 
  • Regularity of attendance and punctuality is essential for academic progress and character building of the child. We need a proactive involvement of parents to succeed in our common mission. Please ensure that your child abides by the rules of discipline of the school. 

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